How to Be Good at Everything (Part I)

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Nobody wants to be bad at anything.

Everybody wants to be good at everything.

We want to be good speakers, good listeners, good socializers. We want to excel in a hobby, make it a profession. We want validation and recognition, while still being modest. We want to become worldly travelers with worldly knowledge. We want to be funny, we want to be respected, we want to be liked.

Unfortunately, not long after we're born, just around the time we begin to gain our sense of self-consciousness, we face an inevitable truth...we're not geniuses and we're terrible at a lot of seemingly crucial things.

And even if we are that rare shining-star, that baby-in-a-million who can rock a piano like Monk at the age of two, we're still going to be terrible at most other things.
And so begins our life-long journey of self-improvement and discovery. Day by day, we get a little better at something, become a little smarter, and if we work hard enough, actually get good at something.

Some of us throw in the towel early on, give in to the fact that we're never going to master everything, let alone one thing. We take what we're given and learn to be happy with it- or if we're not happy with it, at least learn to cope with it.

Others among us will strive to be great. We're well aware that we'll never be good at everything, but we keep on truckin' anyway. Doing so offers the satisfaction that we're at least progressing in some direction, even if we're not sure where it's taking us.

A few of us will combine luck and hard work to become the best at something- the people that everyone else looks up to for inspiration, or looks up to with envy.

But every one of us comes from the same place. At one point we were all (and still may be) toddlers, children, teenagers and young adults striving to become better, soaking up everything we experienced with our insatiable curiosity.

And no matter where we are in life, becoming more knowledgeable and becoming better at something never hurts in the long run. It feels good to reset and refresh that curiosity every once in a while.

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  1. This seems to be true, i am glad you pointed out at the obvious that no one can be good at everything but to show the emphasize that we could better our selves at things we dont understand