How to Improve Creativity (Part 1): Why bother?

creative outlet
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Creativity has an entire list of benefits, both mental and physical. Having a creative outlet or incorporating creativity into our daily routines can significantly reduce levels of stress and increase self-esteem and clarity of thought. Studies even say it can boost our immune systems and reduce physical pain.

What’s great is that creativity is something you can improve. Sure, some people might have an innate creative edge, but it’s nothing that others can’t cultivate and achieve.

And creativity isn’t just for artists and musicians. It’s a practical skill used by everyone in any occupation or situation. It’s what makes a boring time at work or home more exciting. It’s what stimulates our brains and makes us happier with our day. It’s what helps us come up with new ideas, and what differentiates good work from the great.

Perpetual boredom, complacency with work, a sense of being lost and a feeling of wasted ability- if you’re experiencing any of these, maybe it’s time to tap deeper into your creative potential.

"Creativity is a critically important human undertaking, involving playfulness with ideas, potential risk of failure or rejection, and ultimately confidence in the underlying value of an idea to change others' lives in a positive way…Humans find meaning in life when allowed to cultivate and express their individuality through creative outlets." –Rex Jung

Quoted from Exploring Creativity
by Luke Frank
From Quantum

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