Chhuy-Ing IA

Chhuy-Ing IA cows

Chhuy-Ing IA is a character designer and illustrator from France and she's got some great illustration on her blog as well as her portfolio.

Chhuy-Ing IA watermelon spit

I'm a big fan of fun and simple illustrations and her work really hits the spot. All of her artwork is colorfully fun and unique, many of them cute and funny. Cheerfulness, curiosity and a fun sense of humor really comes out in her characters.

Chhuy-Ing IA goldfishChhuy-Ing IA monkeys

Like I've said before, I'm no artist or connoisseur, so rather than wasting time listening to me take a look through her stuff. It could be a great waste not to. See them here!

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  1. Wow! She's amazing, her art is beautiful... I love the watermelon picture. The gold fishes are pretty cute too! She's very talented :)