Welcome to the Congo

congo graffiti yellow
--Photo by Raiki Machida

Finally made it to the Democratic Republic of Congo. In Kinshasa now, and it took 26 plus hours to get here from Tokyo. The ride was long enough, but the plane before us happened to crash land on the runway in Kinshasa, so had to fly around in circles for an extra hour while they cleaned up the runway. Fortunately the crash didn't seem too bad... hope nobody was hurt.

Anyway, turns out I can get some internet here so hopefully I'll have some time to post.

But man, gotta be on guard 24/7 here. Can't even go to the bathroom in the airport without a security guard escort. 'Too dangerous' they say. Lots of muggings. And kidnappings. And rapes. Nobody can be too careful, especially touristy-looking tourists.

Can't drink the water, can't walk alone, can't go jogging, can't go out at night, can't take photographs, and the mosquitoes have malaria (been bit twice since I started writing this post...woop woop, one-to-nothing, malaria). They have yellow fever too but luckily I'm vaccinated for that.

Performances, conferences, lectures and workshops starting tomorrow. Looks like it'll be a busy and interesting ride in the Congo.

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