All Things Taiko

All Things Taiko is a blog by Carrie, an experienced and studied drummer who makes excellent posts about...well all things taiko.

ATT has some particularly good posts if you're looking for basic patterns and drills, as well as guidance on stances and forms for taiko playing. That's just a few of the topics though. Go to "Drills by Topic" to see what sort of subjects might interest you.

A big plus about the blog, is that unlike a lot of taiko-related sites out there (mine very much included), ATT provides very helpful videos to go along with the instructions.

At the end of the day, taiko is as much visual as it is musical, so videos are essential for any sort of taiko instruction. ATTs videos make it very easy to see and understand how to play, move and prepare yourself for better taiko drumming. Especially if you don't have a taiko mentor around to give you instruction, there's an excellent teacher in All Things Taiko.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I think I may be taking a blogging break for a while--graduate school is insanely busy, but all the videos and drills will stay up.

  2. Absolutely! Good luck with grad school. Hope alls going well for you.