-Photo by TaikOz
TaikOz is a professional taiko ensemble out of Australia. Consisting of experienced artists with various backgrounds in music, TaikOz achieves what few taiko groups do- an entertaining and authentic balance between innovative taiko and its traditional roots. 

Since its inception in 1997, TaikOz has extensively performed throughout Australia and abroad, under the artistic direction of Ian Cleworth and Riley Lee. Each one of its talented members have extensive experiences in music, with highly regarded musicians as their past mentors. One such mentor is the globally renowned Hayashi Eitetsu (one of the original members of Ondekoza), who TaikOz have collaborated on a several occasions.

The TaikOz performance is precise, polished, and professional. As the premier pro group out of Australia, their rhythms and movements, as well as the coherence of their musical pieces are clearly on a level of their own. 

Outside of their own performances, the group also offers taiko classes for those interested in learning. Regular members of their taiko classes stage performances of their own- a valuable experience for any student of music and stage.

For further information on TaikOz, refer to their website, or contact them directly at admin@taikoz.com

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