Muhra (夢羅)

taiko group muhra
--Photo by Muhra

Muhra (夢羅) is a young taiko group out of Fukuoka, Japan consisting of three members, each with drumming experience dating back to their elementary school years or even further. Their name, Muhra, represents their desire to not let their dreams end simply as dreams, but to express them as a palpable reality. 

Performing self-written pieces, Muhra skillfully uses the popular upright taiko style, combining it with melodies of the bamboo flute (shinobue). But what stands out most in their shows is likely their 'katsugi-oke' pieces where they show-off their active and rhythmic katsugi-daiko skills. 

The fresh energy of their performances is something only youth can achieve. Well-matched with their eye-catching outfits, Muhra brings a new edge to the ever-changing wadaiko landscape and will fail not to entertain.

Check out their website for more information about individual members and upcoming performances. 

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