The Japanese Averse to Sex?

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The Japan Family Planning Association, as reported in the Wall Street Journal, has published a study that says a third of Japanese men ages 16-19 aren't interested in having sex.



The exact figures of people "indifferent or averse" to having sex are as follows:

Men ages 16-19: 36%
Women ages 16-19: 59% (!!)


Now my surprise comes from a number of factors. First, I just don't think these figures are accurate. The wording of the questions, and issues of the respondents honesty will significantly skew results. Second, as surprising as these figures might be, I'd also like to see the figures for other countries. I think it's unfair to pick on 'indifferent' Japanese men and women without seeing stats for other nations.

That said, these figures are a little worrisome- especially when hearing that the stats for men are up from 19% when the same test was carried out just two years ago.

Why are these numbers a problem? Because Japan, as we all know, is aging like Robin Williams in "Jack". Over 22% of the population is over 65.

Japan boasts an incredible life expectancy average of 81+ years, and I think we should celebrate the healthy diet, lifestyle and medical care (and genetics) that have allowed this to be possible.

However, the daunting reality, put simply, is that there aren't enough young people to support this many senior citizens. The problem isn't that there are too many old people (they need to be applauded). The issue is that the country isn't having enough kids.

What counteracts low fertility rates? One way would be higher immigration rates. But Japan has been traditionally averse to offering citizenship.

But I don't want to get into the politics and economics in this post. Here's a few points that need to be thought about in relation to Japan's lack of libido:
  • Statistics (and empirical observation) show that young Japanese men have become increasingly effeminate in recent years- like 'looze-socks', 'tamagotchi' and now 'male stockings', having female-like traits is almost like a pop-culture boom

  • Sex education is carried out at a later age, and isn't as developed as in Western schools

  • There is an enormous (second in the world) and easily accessible sex market in Japan (prostitution is technically illegal, but it happens, and there are an enormous number of sex related services and products- you could make a catalog on it)

How do these all relate? In some way or another. What do you think?

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