Taiko Skin Podcast Ep.1- 'Professional Taiko'

Isaku Kageyama, professional drummer of the group, Amanojyaku, came up with the idea of creating a joint podcast with TaikoSkin about taiko related topics.

Our first episode talks a little about 'professional' taiko. Would love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Thank you for this potcast!

  2. Thanks for listening Natalia!

  3. What a great conversation! I play taiko, but I also do community AND professional theater as an actress and singer. Thanks for pointing out that "pro" doesn't always mean "better", as I have always felt this way, both in taiko, and in the theatre. REALLY great podcast, I'm going to share this with my group! And also thanks for the blog - following your instructions, I made myself two practice shime out of five gallon paint plastic paint cans (Couldn't find the big PVC pipe) and shime bachi out of dowels. Happy New Year! Sincerely, Lorraine

  4. Thanks for listening in Lorraine. And I'm glad the practice shime worked out for you!