Earthquake in Japan- Blackout Schedules, Blackouts to Last Weeks (Update #21)

The scheduled blackouts for all areas provided by TEPCO will continue, not for a few more days, but for a few more weeks (areas provided by TEPCO are listed below).

I don't know if the blackouts will be reduced, but as of now, each group will likely continue to have blackouts three hours a day, everyday.

Unfortunately, TEPCO has been pretty poor at providing advanced notice on the blackouts. The only way to check is to continually listen for updates on TV/radio, or look at their website:

I was going to provide daily schedule updates, but if this is going to continue for weeks, it may be better you check their website schedule. It's unfortunately in Japanese, but if you know your Group number (find it below), look in the main red box in the link above, and look for your group (eg 第3グループ), there is a time schedule for the blackouts next to it.
Click on your prefecture, and find your region in the list:









Things are selling out very quickly in supermarkets, mostly because people are panicking and buying too much. Flashlights, candles (though these have already caused several fires), batteries, flashlight bulbs, seaweed and all kinds of non-perishable foods are disappearing from shelves.

But please refrain from over-stocking. Please, buy only what you need- there is a much greater need for stocks up north.

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