Earthquake in Japan- Blackouts through Summer, Winter

Scheduled blackouts continue here in Japan (in the TEPCO-fed area), and there has been news that they are expected to continue through the entire year.

The reason for these blackouts is the lack of energy due to the loss of the Fukushima nuclear power plants, and damage to other infrastructure that provide power. And since electricity is something that can't be stored, they can't make a bunch today, and save it for tomorrow. If they could do that, we wouldn't have blackouts. Using too much power here in Tokyo and the Kanto region, risks causing blackout in the earthquake-ridden Tohoku area where the energy is needed most right now. Hence you're very much helping people by turning off that light switch.

Though not having power in the hot summers and cold winters could be rough, I personally think these scheduled blackouts aren't so bad. Obviously it inconveniences many, particularly businesses, hospitals and handicapped people. However, the general public's cooperative effort to reduce electricity use (even when the power is on), has been impressive so far. Maybe we're starting to realize we don't need all those lights and air conditioners. 

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