Earthquake in Japan- Get Your Water (Update #10)

Forgot to mention, if you still have working water, or when you get it back, fill up your bathtubs with water (assuming there's a bathtub around you).

Even out where I live, power and water are still unstable, and probably will continue to be for the time being. When the water goes down, so do the toilets. If you have a stock in your bathtub, all you need is a bucket to flush your toilet. 

And obviously a stock of water in your tub will have other uses like washing, cleaning, cooking, and when you really need it, drinking.

Keep safe everyone. And hope you've been keeping your tubs clean.


  1. Have you seen this? To me this is such a strong symbol of the devastation taking place...

  2. thanks for the photo, at least the drum looks ok...!