Earthquake in Japan- Good morning! (Update #11)

A new day, and thank heavens, no more disastrous news.

Reactors appear to have settled down, and they are saying there is no immediate danger of radiation to the general public (though people working there are in harm).

No major aftershocks either. 

It looks like the focus is now shifting from disaster aversion back to rescue and recovery. Up north everywhere is a mess, and even in the Kanto (Tokyo) region, people are spending the day fixing up their homes. There's been some damage to peoples houses (roofs, garages collapsed, cracks in walls). In Ibaraki and further north the damage is obviously far worse. Casualties sadly, continue to rise. It stands at 650+ dead, 650+ missing.

For those who understand Japanese, there will be another press conference about the reactor on UStream at 5pm today.