Earthquake in Japan- More Aftershocks, How to Help (Update #25)

Here's how things are looking:

-Aftershocks continue in the Miyagi/Fukushima area, Shizuoka, and just now around 1pm in the Chiba (Kanto) area, ranging from magnitude 3-5+.

-Scheduled blackouts continue, please refer to this post for more information.

-No big updates on the reactors in Fukushima. It appears they are still unstable, and radiation has been detected in Ibaraki, and in smaller amounts in the Kanto area. So far none of these amounts are reported to be a health hazard.

-Gasoline is very hard to get even out here in Shizuoka. Gas stations are putting limits on gasoline available per car, and everywhere is crowded. 

-Supermarkets are temporarily closed in many places because of a lack of stock. Especially in Tokyo and further north, word is that it has been extremely difficult to get hands on even a bottle of water (little to no rice, water, non-perishables and safety supplies even in Shizuoka).


-Please don't panic and over-stock. Only get what you need, as rushing the supermarkets only increases the risk of a lack of supplies in the north, where it's needed most. Stock are still coming in everywhere, so please be patient and stick with the bare minimum.

-Help! There is a big lack of manpower up north, but unfortunately there has been no updates on how one can volunteer and help as far as I know. If anyone knows, please let me know, it'd be much appreciated.

Donations are obviously a great way to go, but please be wary of scams. May want to read this article with tips on how to donate:

The basic gist is, find a trustworthy place (preferably somewhere you are familiar with), and read up on their site to make sure the money you are donating is going where you want it to.

To donate in Japanese you can do it here through the Japan Red Cross Society.

And the American Red Cross is accepting donations here.

They both have an easy method of making payments online.


  1. Thank you for these updates; my thoughts are with you all day and night. I have talked with some colleagues and we will raise money to donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross so we are sure the money goes directly there and is used for this

  2. Thanks for your concern. Your donation efforts are sure to help a lot of people in need. Keep being awesome!