Earthquake in Japan- New Info on Nuclear Reactors (Update #26)

There is currently a live TV analysis about the reactor situation, lead by Mr. Goto, a designer of nuclear reactors.

Here are some basic points:

-Reactors unit 3 and 4 are on fire, and earlier today, in a controversial move, the self defense force of Japan dumped a lot of water on them in an attempt to put them out

-There has been no report that the fires have been successfully put out, however

-The used fuel cell tank in unit 4 is reported to be low on water, increasing risk of radiation exposure

-Based on how the reactors were designed, there is the likelihood that the concrete shell that protects the central fuel cells is damaged. If the cooling is successful, this is not an immediate danger. If cooling fails, dangerous levels of radiation could potentially escape.

-Less than 1 microsieverts of radiation have been in the Kanto area, this does not pose a threat to health

I don't know if it's TEPCO, the government, or both that is responsible in releasing updates on the situation, but information is clearly lacking. And people are quite frustrated with this.

In defense of the government, it is clear they are trying to prevent panic (as some degree of panic is already spreading in the form of over-stocking in Tokyo and surrounding areas). But people are starting to lose their patience with the lack of information.


  1. Are you sure that they are on fire? I heard about the pools being low, but I thought that no fires had started yet...

  2. This was a few days ago, the fires are out but there haven't been updates on how much water is left in the tanks.