Earthquake in Japan- Nuclear Plant Explosion (Update #16)

Earlier today (March 14th), at 11AM, reactor unit #3 experienced an explosion. This follows the explosion of unit #1 two days ago.

News now is that Unit #2, located directly between the two just mentioned, is highly unstable.

Since earlier today, it has been facing the same situation that #1 and #3 were- cooling system stopped, and to prevent the reactor core from heating and therefore melting (i.e. meltdown), they were pumping it with seawater.

The pumping of the seawater in Unit #2, according to what they're saying on TV, has failed, and the temperature of the reactor is increasing. They say it has increased to a much higher level than it had for Unit #1 and #3. 

What does this mean? Obviously in the best case scenario is nothing happens. Another possibility is that like with #1 and #3, a hydrogen explosion destroys the outer shell. Hopefully nothing worse. 

But seriously, I really do hope all this disastrous nuclear reactor business ends. 

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