Earthquake in Japan- Radiation News and Blackout Schedules

-There's been news that workers were successful in bringing power back to the #1 and #2 reactors in Fukushima. This means that starting tomorrow (20th), they should be able to use the reactors pumping system to more effectively cool the fuel cells. Good news.

-The US military used a Global Hawk spy drone to get better pictures of the what it looks like inside of the reactors. As the radiation levels have been too high, manned vehicles have not been able to get this close before. The use of the Global Hawk was reported on TV several days ago. What hasn't been reported even though it's been days since they used it, are the results. More info being held back? Seems like it. And the only reason they would hold it back? If it wasn't good news. Come on J-Gov.

-Though it seems TV is no longer bothering to report them, aftershocks continue in the Kanto area and up north in the Tohoku area (Miyagi, Ibaraki, Fukushima, etc.). Just now, there was one in Ibaraki, magnitude 5. I finally got in touch with some close friends who are in Miyagi, 80km from the reactor, who just got some power back. One of them told me the she can't sleep because the quakes continue through the night. And of course, there's the concern of the radiation, but there is absolutely no gasoline up there so people are stuck where they are. It's terrible up there. 

-I've sent goods to my friend up north, as the postal service is still working, though barely. They're also out of gas up north, so they're now making deliveries on foot or on bicycle. Huge, huge props to the brave workers of the post office who are delivering despite the absolutely disastrous situation up there.

-Fewer props, however, to other delivery trucks who are refusing to enter these areas in fear of radiation. As a resulted of this, there is still no water and supplies in many areas, especially closer to the reactors.

-Blackouts still continue through the Tohoku and Kanto areas. If you don't know your group number, you can find it here. Here's the blackout schedule for March 20-25. It's in Japanese, but the group numbers and times are there so shouldn't be a problem understanding it. 

Having spoken directly to the people most affected up north, it's clear that things are very much dreary up there, much more so than they will show on TV. Here's one way you can help. 


  1. Best wishes from Bulgaria. Its sad what happens in Japan i keep watching CNN with great sorrow i belive the pople of Japan will only emerge stronger and rebuild quickly :)

  2. Thanks for writing in, I do hope things get better soon.