Earthquake in Japan- Radiation (Update #5)

The news on TV isn't releasing much information, likely to prevent panic.

The details are being released on the press conference online ( This is being carried out by experts in the field, and designers of the reactor. This is in Japanese, but so far this is what they're saying (at least as I interpret them):

1. The first explosion was not of the reactor itself (where nuclear material is contained). The explosion was in the outer walls, which was due a build up of pressure.

2. The core of the reactor is melting, which was the reason for the changes in pressure.

3. Melting of the core means radiation is being released.

4. To prevent the core from melting further, they need to keep it cool, and they are doing this by adding seawater into the chamber.

5. They are also saying that adding seawater increases pressure and hence the risk of further explosion. But they need to do it in order to prevent further melting.

Basically that's where it's at. The good news is that the radiation that is being released has reduced significantly compared to 6pm when the first explosion happened. 

That said, amounts of radiation that are being released are still very dangerous for anyone who is exposed.

More updates to come. 

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