Earthquake in Japan- Reactor Situation (Update #8)

Iwakami Yasumi, journalist, who was at the press conference on the reactor, is now tweeting updates. He is saying that the reactor is in a very volatile situation right now. The cooling is not catching up with the melting, and as I explained previously, the pressure of adding seawater isn't reducing the risk of explosions either. 

He continues to tweet that the government is hiding (withdrawing) too much information. He says all the news on TV now are not releasing vital information- for the purpose of preventing panic. 

Preventing panic doesn't seem to be this guy's priority though.

This guy is just a journalist trying to freak people out, or a practical guy actually trying to shed some light. 

What do I think? Panic will do no good, but ignoring info probably isn't smart either. Stay cool everyone (especially you, reactor).

Iwakami's tweets:!/iwakamiyasumi

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