Earthquake in Japan- Scheduled Blackouts (Update #15)

There has also been an update on Facebook (I think only for people living in Japan), but there will be scheduled blackouts today, and possibly in the next few days. Unfortunately it's all in Japanese, so here it is in English.

Here's what to be prepared for:

1. Potential stoppage of water (so toilets won't flush)
2. Electric kitchenware won't work
3. No hot water
4. ATMs will have limited use
5. Trains won't run periodically
6. all the everyday inconveniences of a blackout

I'd fill your tubs with water, like I mentioned previously.

The blackouts only last about 2-3 hours. Here's how to figure out when your area could be hit:

1. Find your area here:

(If you live outside of Tokyo, find your prefecture here: )

2. Look for your group number
3. See schedule below:

Group 1 6:20~10:00 16:50~20:30

Group 2 9:20~13:00 18:20~22:00

Group 3 12:20~16:00

Group 4 13:50~17:30 

Group 5 15:20~19:00

This is the blackout schedule for the 14th (today).

Trains will stop according to the schedule here:

Let me know if you need me to translate the schedule for your train line (post a question in the comment box).

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