Earthquake in Japan- Stay safe, stock up (Update #9)

Aftershocks and radiation aside, let's remember to stay as safe as we can. Here's some more info I've received, translated to you in English:

Here's some things to get a hold of if you don't already-

-Bottled water (preferably several 2L ones), during times like these, never know when they stop the water

-Flashlights (and batteries!)

-Saran wrap (a surprisingly good way to keep yourself warm in case of emergency, plus many other uses)

-Garbage bag (like above, and when other options are available, can work as a toilet)

-Canned foods (tuna, chicken, etc. preferably something with high salt content)

-Biscuits and candy (have a source of sugar, and these won't go bad too)

-Gloves (always come in handy)

-Radio (stay informed when the phones are down)

These are really the bare minimum, and water is certainly the most important. These are things most people should have at home year round, in case of times like these. Unfortunately, most of us, including myself, weren't exactly prepared. So if you can, try to get your hands on these items while you can (esp water!).

I understand a lot of us are without power or water right now, and it's quite the bummer. Good luck, stay safe, stay warm, and try to be with others.

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