Earthquake in Japan (Update)

Some updates on the earthquake here in Japan. Power is back in the area where I live, but friends up north in Ibaraki and Miyagi are still without power or water. Some houses collapsed but no-one I'm in contact with appears to have been injured. What a mess though...

Text messaging appears to have recovered but phones are still clogged, and they're asking people to stay off the lines as much as possible.

It's amazing how helpful Facebook and Twitter have been when other means of contact have been down (though Facebook isn't working for me now at the moment).

This cleanup is bound to take a long while (and as I watch the news now.. looks like we have a nuclear meltdown too.. what a disaster). As always, hope everyone is safe.

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  1. Raiki san,
    I have discovered your blog some weeks and it's greally great! We are going to watch "Yamato" drums in concert next Friday.
    Here in France I have followed all the news about the earthquake and tsunami and I feel very sad for all the people who have lost their family, friends, house. My thoughts are with you all.