Earthquake in Japan- Updates on Nuclear Reactor (Update #20)

There was another explosion at the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, Japan this morning. 

Depending on the direction of winds, radiation has been detected 100km from the power plant. There was news in the paper this morning that an American rescue team were exposed at this distance. They have since ceased their activities. Does this mean that there are dangerous levels of radiation 100km out? I don't know, but it clearly concerned the team, so it's certainly something to be concerned about.

Unfortunately, the Japanese news has been wholly unreliable. It took an entire hour after the explosion this morning for TEPCO to report it to the government. Then, of course, further delays before it gets reported in the news. 

Since myself and many others have been saying since earlier, there is a clear filtration of information on the news, and it's quite frustrating. The internet (though information here can't be trusted 100% either), has been much speedier and accurate in spreading news thus far.

But, they are saying on the press release on TV right now, that levels of radiation are higher and at harmful levels in and around the reactors. People in a 20km radius have been ordered to evacuate. But radiation has spread to a far greater distance. How dangerous this is right now, and how much farther it will spread isn't clear now, but being prepared surely doesn't hurt:

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