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Big thanks to everyone who has been stopping by this blog and sending in emails. Here's a few updates on what Taiko Skin will be doing in the next month or so.

Taiko Skin in April

Recently, I've been focusing on the earthquake, and intend to continue updating periodically on the status of the quake and relief efforts, as seen from Japan. Unfortunately for this blog, I will be in the Middle East through the entire month of April, which probably means fewer posts (though if I'm able, I do hope to update on the status of the Middle East while I'm there). Please feel free to send in any questions or comments though- I'll do my very best to get back as soon as I can.

Taiko Skin Podcast

Some of you may know, but Taiko Skin recently began a podcast with Isaku Kageyama of the drum group, Amanojyaku. The podcasts cover all topics relating to taiko drums. You can find the first episodes here. We're scheduled to have a new episode out on the first of every month, so do have a listen and subscribe! You can find our next episode on this blog, or on iTunes, starting April 1st. Please feel free to send in any questions or comments about the podcasts to taikoskinpodcast@gmail.com

Taiko Building

I've switched my focus to the quake recently, so there's been a clear lack of DIY and taiko related information recently. However, do expect a post about how to build barrel-based taiko drums in the near future, as well as some tips on how to make taiko stands. Again, if you have any specific information you're looking for, please feel free to write in a comment, or email me (you can find the email address on the 'about me' box on the right).

Stay safe and keep on drummin' everyone.

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