When to Throw Out Bachi Sticks

taiko drum sticks bachi
--Photo by Omer van Kloeten

Most of us have the bad habit of using taiko sticks for too long.

If they haven't snapped in half, or got chipped, then why not keep using them, right?

Unfortunately, no! 

Check for Cracks

Make sure to regularly check the hitting ends of your sticks for flaking. Look at the end of your drum stick straight on (i.e. point the stick at yourself). You might see some cracks between the grains. If so, it's time for that stick to go.

These cracks are little splits in the wood, and the ends of the splits are surprisingly sharp. This means when you hit a drum with them, you're damaging the skins. 

Must They Be Thrown Out?

I know it feels bad throwing out a stick on account of a few tiny cracks. It's tough. But damaged skins are far harder to fix/replace than damaged drum sticks.

If you absolutely don't want to throw away a pair of sticks, then one option you could try, is to cover the cracked ends of the stick with a layer of wax (like candle wax). I've seen this done, but it's only a temporary solution, and it can also lead to wax sticking onto your taiko skin. 

Some sticks are just hard to make or replace (like big odaiko sticks, or yatai-bayashi sticks). Again, the best option is to replace them when they start cracking, but if you can't get yourself to do it, the wax option might be a choice here. 

Check Regularly!

I rarely used to check my sticks back in the day, and even when I did, I pretended not to see the cracks. Bad idea! I regret it. It can lead to your skins getting scratched, and it can also add to the flaking that occurs in some (not-so-well prepared) skins.

Sticks, unlike the drums, are expendable supplies. Replace them when the time comes- your drums and your drum-playing will be grateful for it.

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