Earthquake in Japan- Quakes Continue One Month Later

Just twenty minutes ago (17:16 Japan time) was another shock in Fukushima, scaling in at magnitude 7.1. 

Tsunami warnings have been made out to Ibaraki, Miyagi, Fukushima and parts of Chiba, ranging up to 1 meter. One meter may not sound like a lot compared to the big ones a month ago, but even 10cm can be enough to knock you off your feet.

It's been exactly one month since the 9.0 earthquake that has devastated northern Japan. And one month later the quakes won't stop. There was a magnitude 7.4 just four days ago on April 7th. When will these end?

After speaking directly to those living near the reactor, it seems what we see/hear on the news is a little different from what the people there are experiencing. Radiation warnings have been made about the water in areas around the reactor, dissuading people from drinking or bathing. But because of the lack of water, many people closest to the reactor are being forced to drink whatever they can get, radiation or not. When your home is wrecked, your family is missing and basic living amenities are unavailable, radiation concern (especially where its worst) seems to take a back seat, and understandably so. 

There's a pang of guilt as I say all this from the safety of an air-conditioned hotel room in Qatar (out here for work since last week). I think there's really only one way to get a true picture of what it's truly like in northern Japan, and that's to actually go there for yourself. Roads are finally opening up so volunteers are beginning to flow in. I'm not back in Japan for another three weeks, but I really need to get up there to help.

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