A Last Day in Qatar

doha qatar islamic museum
--Photo by Raiki Machida

Hot sure, but Qatar's been good. Next stop, Saudi Arabia. Birthplace of Islam and from what I hear, a country much stricter with social rules than the kick-it-back atmosphere of Doha. I'll write up my impressions once I'm actually there later today.

In other news, you can finally find all of our TaikoSkin Podcast episodes on iTunes. Just search "Taiko Skin" on iTunes, or even easier, take the jump from here. As always, feel free to shoot us any questions or comments (we'll take hard-hitting criticism too..though I might cry a little on the inside). You can send them in to taikoskinpodcast@gmail.com

Keep on drummin' everyone. Hope we're all finding a way to have some fun.

PS. Is it just me or does the whole world seem like disasters, wars, riots and shocks these days?

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1 comment:

  1. yes, if your turn your TV on it's disasters, war etc everywhere on the planet. But I can tell you one thing that may lighten your heart. I celebrate like every year hanami in Paris, in a wonderful park where they are 250 cherry trees, pink ones and white ones. And this week-end was great, the cherry trees blossoms, people everywhere, french, japanese, american, latinos, etc everybody was sharing sun and happiness with everybody.