Earthquake in Japan- Off to Volunteer

After much wait, Taiko Skin is finally off to Miyagi to go and volunteer. Specifically to Ayukawa, a town located at the very tip of the Ojika Peninsula in Miyagi. I hear much about the place, about the damage, about the situation and the lack of recovery, but rather than listen to hear-say and speculate, I'll write up details after I finally get there and meet the people.

On the 31st, Taiko Skin will be going to Shichigahama, a little off from Sendai, where Ondekoza has been invited to perform at an evacuation shelter.

For those interested in volunteering in northern Japan, facilities there range from good to non-existent depending on where volunteers go. In Ayukawa, where we are going, we were informed that there are no shops, no showers, no food, no electricity- hence we've stashed up to prepare for the worst.

Please do keep your heads up for a post once I'm back- I'll write up a list of good things to bring (and things not to). I'm sure I'll have a better idea once I spend a few days there.


  1. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I appreciate your volunteer.
    I'm looking forward to reading better idea.

  2. this is great what you are doing. Keep us informed.