How to Make Taiko Stands

--Photo by the Lonely Drummer

J.D., founder of Rutsubo Taiko in Boston, and blogger of the Lonely Drummer, has posted an excellent guide on how to make taiko stands- specifically Miyake and Yatai-bayashi stands. His ingenious design is actually a combination of the two styles of stands- you can easily switch between both, depending on the song and style you choose to play.

For those unfamiliar with the two styles, the Miyake style allows the drum to be placed horizontally on the stand, allowing the drummer to hit the taiko from the side. It also allows for the use of both sides simultaneously by two drummers.The Yatai-bayashi style places the drum on the ground- at an angle. Yatai-bayashi is played sitting down, with the legs stretched out along the side of the drum. 

Anyway, do check out JD's step-by-step, and keep your heads up for further updates and new designs on the Lonely Drummer.

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