TaikoSkin Podcast Ep. 4- 'Taiko Equipment'

To play taiko, you need taiko, and getting your hands on them isn't always an easy thing. Availability is often limited in most countries outside of Japan, and wherever you go, budget is always a concern. This episode discusses a few ideas on how to choose and obtain taiko related equipment. 

It's easy to forget that to play taiko, it's not just the drums you'll need to get. You will also need stands, sticks, and drum cases amongst other things. Purchasing these is always an option, but you might consider making them yourselves too (see links below). Listen to Isaku Kageyama and I as we discuss these options in this episode- hopefully we'll be able to provide you with some helpful tips.

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The Tohoku area in Japan continues to experience aftershocks, death tolls continue to rise and tens of thousands still remain in shelters, and continue to experience a lack of supplies. There's many ways we can all help- some ideas have been suggested in this blog. Please see the links below to donate to the Red Cross, who are currently running relief efforts in northern Japan.

Episode 4 related info: 

Do-it-Yourself Taiko info:

-How to Make Simple Practice Drums
-How to Make Happi Coats
-How to Make Practice Shime Drums
-How to Make Bachi (and Part 2)
-How to Hollow a Tree Trunk
-How to Prepare Taiko Skins

...plus much more on the Taiko Skin blog. Try the "Skin Search" search bar, or if you can't find what you're looking for, shoot an email to taikoskin@gmail.com

Earthquake Donations:

-American Red Cross

-Japan Red Cross Society


  1. Well, if you come in Paris, France, let me know and we will go to enjoy Taiko and support you

  2. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Nice to meet you.I came from Marie-Christine's blog roll.
    My wife likes playing taiko.She also has Okinawa's taiko.
    This site seems very fun about taiko.

  3. Thank you guys, definitely would like to go to paris. Hope the blog helps!