TaikoSkin Podcast Ep. 5- 'Networking'

Where ever there's taiko, there's usually a taiko community. Networking and socializing are very much a part of taiko, and making use of them is a useful way to help your group grow. 

Getting connections is an obvious benefit of networking, but networking is also a great way to gain inspiration from others, and to help motivate yourself to improve. Who should you get connected to? Where should you find them? In person, or online? Old connections vs new connections? How much is too much networking? And what is bad networking? Isaku Kageyama and myself (Raiki Machida), answer these questions and more in this edition of the Taiko Skin Podcast.

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The Tohoku area in Japan continues to experience aftershocks, death tolls continue to rise and tens of thousands still remain in shelters, and continue to experience a lack of supplies. There are many ways we can all help- some ideas have been suggested in this blog. Please see the links below to donate to the Red Cross, who are one of the several organizations running relief efforts in northern Japan.

Episode 5 related info: 

Networking info from TaikoSkin Episode 3 'Taiko Gigs'

Earthquake Donations:

-American Red Cross

-Japan Red Cross Society

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