Running Up Mt Fuji (again)

              --photo by Hyougushi

Ondekoza is doing their annual run up Mt Fuji and I'll be taking part again (fearfully). The mountain itself is 3776m (12,389ft) high, and the run starts at 0m altitude, from the beach. 

The total running distance is about 50km from the ocean to the Fifth station (about 2300m elevation). From there we hike the rest of the way up. No flat stretches, no downhills...just uphill and nothing else for the entire run. And yes, it hurts. 

Run starts tomorrow morning. Masochist? Then sign yourself up.


  1. What are your weather conditions? Hot and humid, or more manageable? How many are doing the run?

  2. theres....6 of us running this time. According to the forecast, prob hot and humid for the first 20km, from there it cools though cause of the altitude.

  3. In my city we could only run through the amazon forest haha (kinda dangerous).

  4. @sergio i bet.. other than mosquitoes, at least there's nothing here that would bite us.