Taiko Skin News

As always, big thanks to everyone who's been checking in, despite the recent lack of posts. Here are some updates:

Taiko Skin in August

How are things looking for August? Busy. Probably busier than July, which was spent mostly in some mountains in Saitama and on an island in Shikoku. But, sorry, who's not busy, right? I'll stop whining now.

That said, I will unfortunately be absent for almost the entire month of August, and in a place without reliable internet (again, mountains in Saitama). Hopefully all the practicing will amount to something.

Taiko Skin Podcast

In more productive news, Isaku and I will continue to dish out episodes, to be published on the first of each month. You can expect some changes over the course of the next few episodes (they'll be good changes), so do check them out.

To listen to the TaikoSkin Podcast on your iPod, in your car, your home or wherever your choose, simply search 'TaikoSkin' in the iTunes store, or follow this link:

If you don't use iTunes, simply copy and paste the following feed address into your music software, and then you'll be able to transfer any episodes onto your portable player:


As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them in and we will answer them in the next episode (unless of course you want to keep it private, in which case we'll just email you back). You can send in all your questions, comments, complaints, hate mail, love mail to the following address:


Want to promote your music or your taiko group? 

Then let me know, and for starters, I'll have it introduced here on Taiko Skin. A quick bio about your piece or your group, and maybe a pic or a video, and I'll have the post up as soon as I can.

If you'd like to get more listeners for your music, we would be happy to play it during the podcasts as well. It's a great way to get people to actually listen to your music, and we'll obviously introduce you and your piece during the episode.

All that and anything else (except spam) can be sent to:


Stay safe and keep on drummin' everyone.


  1. Hello, good to know that you are busy this summer and thanks for sharing on iTunes; I know nothing about taiko but the explanations were quite celar and in very good english, congratulations.
    Is there something on YouTube where we can listen to your music ?

  2. Thanks for listening! For a video of Ondekoza.. check this one out for a little preview of our music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yV1SO58AxU