TaikoSkin Podcast Ep.9- 'Group Hierarchies and Culture'

In this edition, we're taking a look at taiko group culture- the 'atmospheres' and 'funiki' of a group. Some are more 'Japanese' than others, but what does that mean? We talk about the seemingly arcane social hierarchies that exist in Japan, and how these are reflected in a place like a taiko group. Isaku and I talk about our personal experiences in taiko groups, and the senpai/kohai relationships that have existed there. 

Tip of the Month

Want to get better? Then take a video of yourself practicing and playing. We've all done it, but we tend to get lazy about it sometimes. In many ways it can be better than a mirror. If you find yourself in a rut, it might just be the key to get you over the hurdle. And an extra tip from Isaku... don't get a camera with a hard-disk- all that drumming can shake your camera to death. 

Video of the Month 

Here is some incredible drumming from Neal Smith, jazz drummer and professor at the Berklee School of Music. Watch Prof. Smith as he 'solos in the context of the tune' in this video of the 'Cup Bearers':


And the link if you need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pY_mO4_kjw&feature=youtu.be

Here's this months TaikoSkin episode:

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  1. Excellent blog! i love taiko and Eastern culture,greetings from Buenos Aires

  2. Thank you Natalia. Please do let me know if there's any info you're looking for, if I'm any use, I'll try to post about it.