Airplane Trash

airplane trash, food
--Photo by mag3737

There's so much waste that happens, even on a single plane ride. From Tokyo to Moscow, I've used: 

-2 forks
-5 spoons
-2 knives
-2 pairs of chopsticks
-2 aluminum plates
-over 10 plastic food containers
-2 cans
-1 plastic bottle
-lots of plastic wraps/bags
-8 napkins
-1 newspaper
-7 paper cups
-4 airline wet wipes
-2 paper tray covers

Multiply that by 300 passengers. Plus all the other waste that I don't even know about. That's a lot of trash for just a 10 hour flight. And there are thousands of flights happening all day everyday. You'd think some of this stuff could be replaced with reusable equivalents.

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