Work and Travel

airplane travel wing hdr
--Photo by ecstaticist

A lot of us would love a job that lets us travel. The fast pace, the unroutine work, seeing new sights and exploring new places. Getting paid to travel can seem like a great deal. Flight attendants, consultants, journalists- there are countless travelling jobs out there. But anyone with a job like that will tell you, that like with anything, there are pros and cons. Here's a few.


1. Free travel: You do get to travel, and it is paid for 

2. A lot of the perks of travelling: Seeing sights, meeting people, eating different foods and practicing a language 

3. Change of pace: It's nice to get out of the usual office routine 

4. Gain experience: When you go to a new place, a lot of the usual rules/methods you use don't work. You need to think on the fly and improvise. It helps you learn to think fast, adapt and adjust. 


1. Sleepless and heavy: Poor diet and an erratic sleep schedule. These two alone can mess with your health. 

2. Less friend/family time: Traveling can be time consuming, and it eats away at your free time and weekends 

3. No time for sightseeing: You could go all the way to Paris, but end up stuck in an office all day, never seeing the sun, much less the Eiffel Tower. You're going for work, so you can't assume you'll have any free time.

4. Ruins your routines: Exercise, hobbies, classes- there's ton of little things we do routinely that we take for granted, even the most erratic of us. All of these are tough to keep up on the road. 

5. Stress: There's not much time to relax. Sometimes it feels like you're constantly on your toes, constantly moving or waiting for something. Even the hotels rooms can be cold and unsettling. Sometimes you just want to get home and kick back on your own couch. 

With a particularly busy travel job, or one with a short stay, the chance for looking around can be pretty slim. Sometimes you can go to a foreign country, but feel like you never really experienced it at all- that it was no different from a regularly day at the office. The one thing I always try to do on trips like this is to get out and walk around. Even if I only have 30 minutes of free time, I tell myself to get out. Breathing the foreign air, seeing the unfamiliar streets, and interacting with different people- just that can make an enormous difference. It helps me go home feeling like I really did do a little traveling, instead of the usual routine work.


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  2. thats an old blog i used to play around with. if you click on the word, you can hear the pronunciation for various phrases in english and japanese. the blogs as good as dead, but some of the content might move to TaikoSkin one day.