Haiti Earthquake Recovery (Compared to Japan)

haiti flag earthquake recovery daage slow
--Photo by yamrock83

Saw some interesting photos/article about Haiti's recovery from the earthquake that hit two years ago (can't believe it's already been two years), and it turns out, recovery has hardly progressed at all. And most of us seem to be completely uninformed about it.

The sad truth is, people, including myself, tend to forget about these disasters as time passes. It's a sad truth, and when people are disinterested, and when there's no money in broadcasting it, the media just stops talking about it. Those two factors- disinterest and lack of money- obviously play off of each other, resulting in an utter lack of coverage.

These pictures show just how oblivious I've been to the progress in Haiti, or lack thereof. It's especially a surprise being in Japan and seeing the recovery efforts that are being made here from the earthquake that struck last March. Japan's still got a long way to go, and a lot of issues to work out over many years to come, but the difference, even in just the clean up efforts, is painfully obvious. 

For everyone who donated/volunteered, I'm sure the lack of progress in Haiti is of particular concern. Where's all that money gone? 

Apparently nowhere useful. Or at least a much better job could be done about spending that money, and sending it where it needs to go. I try not to trust everything I read, but this article certainly warns against blind trust of NGOs and aid agencies.

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