Earthquake in Japan- One Year Later presents Japan One Year Later Japan One Year Later

Here's a very well-made video from that depicts the earthquake-ridden areas of Japan, one year later.

In other news, TaikoSkin is back online after a full, around the world trip in March. Thank you all who made it out to any of the shows/workshops in the US/France/China.

For those who didn't hear about it, Ondekoza and a group of some of the best musicians from Japan were joined by folk artists from the Tohoku region for a one month, around-the-world tour in March. The tour was carried out with the support of the Japan Foundation, as a message of gratitude to the people who have helped support Japan throughout the disaster and recovery.

Do check out some of the earlier posts at TaikoSkin for more information about the tour.

(Courtesy of Peter Kim for sending in the video above)

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