TaikoSkin Podcast Ep.16- "Starting a Taiko Group 2"

So you're starting a new taiko group- where do you get your drums? Where do you practice? Where do you find a teacher? And if there aren't any teachers, where can you learn? We offer some tips and resources for anyone considering starting a taiko group, or trying to establish some fresh direction for their new team.

Tip of the Month
Learn some basic music theory. As Isaku explains, it can change the way you hear, perceive and play music, even for taiko players. 

Video of the Month
I unfortunately lost track of the video that I mentioned in the episode, so I posted this instead. Why? Because Reggie Watts is a talent and a half. Trust me, this is the best thing you'll see today.

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Here are some other taiko related resources you might find helpful:

Taiko Information:
Taiko Playing Styles
Why are Taiko Drums So Expensive?
How to Play Taiko Drums
5 Ways to Get Better at Taiko
Finding and Learning Taiko Music
Getting in Taiko Playing Shape
Taiko Drums vs Other Percussion

Taiko Building:
Where to Get Taiko Drums
How to Make a Happi Coat
How to Make a Taiko Drum
How to Make Handles on a Taiko Drum
How to Make Shime and Oke Taiko Heads
How to Make Taiko Skin (Drum Heads from Cow Hide
How to Make Practice Taiko Drums
How to Paint a Taiko Drum
How to Make Practice Shime Drums
How to Make Taiko Sticks (Bachi)
How to Make Tire Taiko
How to Raise Money

TaikoSkin Podcast
The TaikoSkin podcast covers a whole range of topics related to taiko- building drums, starting groups, getting performances offers, going to grad school. Just about anything really. Download them in the iTunes store, or find all of the episodes here.

As always, take care and keep on drummin'.

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