TaikoSkin Podcast Ep.17- "Taiko Burnout"

Do you ever just get sick and tired of taiko? Or of anything for that matter? You do it because you think you love it, and you've devoted a big part of your life to it. But at some point, it can just become too much. You don't enjoy it the same way you once did. You feel obligated to stick with it, but there's a part of you that just wants to walk away. This is a burnout, and we'll be talking about it in this episode of the TaikoSkin Podcast.

Tip of the Month
Throw away your bachi sticks! Sticks get old after a while, and though they can be fixed up, often times it's just better to get knew ones. Why? When they're damaged, they can hurt your drums. 

Video of the Month
This month's video is found on the United Nations Website. It's a live recording of Ondekoza and a group of Japanese musicians performing at the UN Headquarters, as a part of the commemoration tour for the earthquake in Japan. 

This is the link for the video if you need it.

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TaikoSkin Podcast
The TaikoSkin podcast covers a whole range of topics related to taiko- building drums, starting groups, getting performances offers, going to grad school. Just about anything really. Download them in the iTunes store, or find all of the episodes here.

As always, take care and keep on drummin'.


  1. I love Ondekoza. I have seen live concert many years ago to Genoa, Italy. It'a a simply beautiful experience, for life. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the kind message. Ondekoza will hopefully be back in Europe in the near future.

  3. The Taiko burnout is shared in the post here useful post