TaikoSkin Podcast Ep.18- "Before Going Pro"

Thinking about making taiko your job? There are things to think about, decisions to make, finances to fix, before making the jump. Isaku Kageyama and I talk about these through the lens of our own experiences in this edition of the TaikoSkin Podcast.

Tip of the Month
If taiko is your job, find something other than taiko that will help you wind down and relax. As Isaku discusses, jobs can be stressful, even if its something you love to do, so it can be helpful to find others means of fun as well.

Video of the Month
This month's video is a brief talk by percussionist, Bill Summers, who discusses the importance of silence and slow tempos in music, and how they can be more difficult than playing fast, complicated pieces. 

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TaikoSkin Podcast
The TaikoSkin podcast covers a whole range of topics related to taiko- building drums, starting groups, getting performances offers, going to grad school. Just about anything really. Download them in the iTunes store, or find all of the episodes here.

As always, take care and keep on drummin'.

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