TaikoSkin Podcast Ep.19- 'The Pros of a Taiko Job'

We talked about some of the cons of a job in taiko in the last episodes (here and here). In this episode, Isaku Kageyama and I talk about some of the positive experiences we've had in our experience with taiko drumming.

Tip of the Month
How to sound like Hayashi Eitetsu. Isaku gives a detailed breakdown of some of the characteristic grooves of Hayashi Eiitetsu. Check out his great blog post to master the grooves for yourself.

Video of the Month
This month's video features Bo-Sung Kim, demonstrating some changgo rhythms at the Global Music Academy in Berlin. 

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TaikoSkin Podcast
The TaikoSkin podcast covers a whole range of topics related to taiko- building drums, starting groups, getting performances offers, going to grad school. Just about anything really. Download them in the iTunes store, or find all of the episodes here.

As always, take care and keep on drummin'.

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